Uber experimenting with deep-linking in other Mobile Apps

We had reported earlier that the future of Mobile Apps lies in Deep-linking in other apps. Traffic-sharing will be the next thing for the Mobile Apps, taking the logical way of progression.

Recently Uber launched new APIs with which developers can deep-link Uber’s ‘Ride Request’ button next to the addresses shown in their apps. For example, a restaurant booking app can show Uber’s button next to every restaurant displayed as search results. This will give direct traffic to Uber.

Uber has also put some case studies where different apps have linked Uber to their apps. Brethometer, a portable device which can measure the amount of alcohol in your breath, has integrated Uber in its app. The app gives multiple options, such as ‘Stay Nearby’ and ‘Get Home Safe’.

Source: Uber Blog

But, there is a catch here, with which Uber is trying to keep the competition at bay. The use of Ride Request APIs form Uber, the developer has to agree to one condition – they will not integrate any other car service in their apps. This condition allows Uber to be the only option in that app.

Uber is also giving incentives for the traffic generated from such apps. For every new rider, Uber will give $5 to the app. A developer can earn maximum of $5,000 in referrals. Also, though this is open for developers worldwide, but the Ride Request is available for trips made in US and Canada only.



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