Twitter Polls – you may have more than two options to vote for

Earlier, in October, Twitter had launched the ‘Polls’ feature, which allowed Twitters users to launch a poll for 24 hours and only with 2 options. The feature itself is an interesting feature as it allows for an easy and objective way to capture the responses. It replaced the older way of capturing responses where polls were done by asking questions and Twitter allowed ‘tallying’ of Hashtag responses.

In our opinion, Twitter has become the leading social tool where opinions are expressed. We have seen many instances where quick response are checked on various social, political and other topics. As I am from India, I can easily claim the fact that we Indians are just obsessed with these 3 topic – Cricket, Bollywood and Politics. Here is one example of a casual poll (but it did fetch thousands of responses):

Facebook and other social websites are more used for personal experience sharing. Twitter, on the other hand, is more used for making ‘running’ conversations. And, the limitation of number of characters actually allows tweets to become actual conversations.

We have learnt from a leading technology website that Twitter is testing an advanced version of this feature. It is allowing a selected users (we are not sure who all are allowed to use this advanced feature) to run polls with more than 2 options. And, for some polls, it was allowed to be running for more than standard 24 hours. Here is one poll reported by the tech website (Source: TechCrunch) which has 4 options:

TechCrunch also reported that they did send query to Twitter about the new options. Twitter spokesperson only confirmed that they are indeed testing some features.



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