Login to Google Apps without a Password

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Google is reportedly working on new password system, where there will be no need to input the password at all. This system will work using your phone instead. In this new method, the users will just need to input the Email ID to login. This will send a push notification to user’s mobile and once the user confirms via the notification, they will be able to login.

This password-less login method is currently in test phase and Google is inviting certain users to test this method. One of the earliest users to be invited to test this method was Rohit Paul. Rohit has also put the screenshots and the copy of email that he had received as an invite to test this new method.

The email clearly explains what will happen if the user’s mobile phone gets stolen or if the battery drains out. The email suggests that the users will still be able to login using their normal password and if they want to change their registered mobile (which is used to unlock), they can do that in the security section of their account.

This method is somewhat like two-factor authentication, but removes the first step completely. For those who are always on their mobile phone, will find it rather easy to convert to. But for those, who do keep a smartphone, but may not be that tech savvy, it will be a bit difficult to change to.

This password-less method is to avoid incidents of password hacks. The login process will be safer with no need of typing in the passwords. But, we feel that this method may have it’s own flaws. It is understood that Google will give you an option to change your password / phone if the phone gets stolen or gets in to the unauthorized hands. But generally, there can be a long wait between this happening and user getting access to internet / laptop / desktop to actually go and resolve this.

It is something like the RSA token, but instead of entering specific randomly generated token, you will have have your registered mobile with you always.



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