It is Google’s turn now

We are hearing that it is Google’s turn now. Google is holding an event on 29th September and they are planning to release new Nexus phone(s). Many notable blogs and their authors have received the official invites from Google already, so that confirms the event and it’s date.

According to a reputed blog, Google is planning to release 2 new Nexus models and is also expected to release new version of Android – ‘Marshmallow‘.

What is Google doing different this time

The main thing to notice this time is that this will be Sundar Pichai’s first event post taking over the reigns of google. Also, this will be the first one since Google became a ‘product line’ under ‘Alphabet’.

Despite the fact that Alphabet is now the owner of Google brand / product, a known Technology blog reported that the invites has come from Google and not Alphabet. This is interesting and it will be interesting to know if this will be Sundar’s show.

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