Google Search head Amit Singhal to retire - amit singhal

Amit Singhal, one of the earliest pioneers of Google Search, is retiring this month. He announced this on his personal Google Plus page, were he mentioned that he will be taking a ‘new turn’. He will be replaced by VP of Artificial Intelligence, John Giannandrea.

John Giannandrea, leads machine learning process, in which computers improve performance by analyzing users’ actions. With Google focusing on more personal apps, such as Google Now, this move is logical and signals company’s intentions to develop the machine learning further.

Amit has been with Google for around 15 years and he had joined Google just two years after Google was found by Larry and Sergy. One of his greatest works is the Google Adwords, which is a big revenue generator for Google.

And Giannandrea had introduced the image search capabilities which is based on image recognition. He also developed smart replies for mails. It suggest auto-replies for emails.

Amit Singhal, in one of his posts said, “When I started, who would have imagined that in a short period of fifteen years, we would tap a button, ask Google anything and get the answer. Today, it has become second nature to us. My dream Star Trek computer is becoming a reality, and it is far better than what I ever imagined.”

“This comes thanks to our years of investments in areas like natural language processing, computer vision, knowledge graph and other areas. The next wave will be powered by big advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, an area where we believe we lead the industry”, Sundar Pichai said in recent earnings call.

Amit Singhal will retire on 26th Feb and will now focus on ‘giving back’. As he mentions in his post, “It has always been a priority for me to give back to people who are less fortunate, and make time for my family amidst competing work constraints–but on both fronts, I simply want to give and do more.”



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