Facebook’s answer to Siri and Google Now

Facebook M

Facebook has announced a new feature, such as Apple’s Siri and Google Now – it is called M. This is service, as reported, will be initially available to only a few hundreds to test.

The M service will be available to the Messenger users and will be competing directly with Google Now and Siri. Facebook even claims that it will actually Do the Things, instead of just researching and presenting information. Some of the tasks that M will be able to do are – buying things for you, making reservations, etc.


Facebook has also claimed that M does not collect private data (not even those data bits which are collected by parent company). It works by asking questions to the users.

How does it stand out?

What makes M stand out from Siri and Google Now is that it will have real humans answering to your requests. Whereas, Siri and Google Now are pure show-off of Artificial Intelligence. By launching M, Facebook has also attempted to leave behind all other chat apps by ages.

Also, Facebook M will be available through chat. That means less errors, no need to train Siri with ‘Your’ accent anymore and you can do your work silently.

How can it help Facebook

We know that Facebook has been into advertisement business, which does not stand much tall in front of Google Ads. But Facebook M can change this story. Facebook can now tie up with various merchants and recommend their names if customer inquires.

Given that many people have complained about Facebook’s slow and heavy apps, Facebook is now taking a safer and slower approach. I hope even they focus more on quality and less on stuffing lot of features which do not work well.



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