Apple is supposedly working on Long-range Wireless Charging technology - wireless charging

Recent reports suggest that Apple is working on Long-range Wireless Charging technology. With this technology, the Apple devices will be capable of getting charged away from it’s charging stations. And, if successful, we may get to see this technology as soon as 2017.

As of now, the technology is being assessed as to how will it be best implemented. There are also other technical challenges such as distance. The strength of charge transfer decreases with the increased distance. This could be a big challenge which Apple will have to face with to introduce long-range wireless charging.

Currently, there are devices which can be charged using the inductive charging. Samsung devices, Apple’s watch, etc are already using this technology for charging the devices. But for these, the device has to be in touch with the charging mat for induction of energy to work.

As reported onĀ Bloomberg:

  • Apple had filed a patent which talked about the concept via which an iMac personal computer can be used as a station to charge other apple devices, using the ‘near-field magnetic resonance’ technology, from a distance of 1 meter
  • In another patent filed by Apple claimed creating aluminium casings that would not interfere with the radio waves passing through it

The above claims support the claims of wireless charging. The rumors are already ripe for the next, but smaller iPhone which may get released this year. And, with the falling iPhone sales, Apple really needs to come out with something which is drastically new.



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