Apple cuts prices of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus in India - iPhone 6s

Apple is doing what it has not done ever. Apple has cut the prices of its flagship product in India, just after 2 months of launching it here. This is something which is never heard of about Apple.

The 16GB iPhone 6S which was launched at a price point of Rs. 62,000, has now been reduced by ~16%, priced at Rs. ~52,000. The price cut has been done at full range of the latest model of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

This reduction has brought the prices of iPhone 6S closer to its earlier model, iPhone 6. Before this reduction, there was higher demand for iPhone 6 and because the next model was priced way too high, the demand didn’t pick up that much. And after Diwali, the sales of iPhone 6S was reported to be falling down.

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were launched 2 months back with the price range of Rs. 62,000 – Rs. 92,000. This price range higher by the price points available in US, Middle East and Hong Kong. This price cut now brings the Indian prices at par with others.

iPhone 6S is not the only model which has seen price cuts. Just a few weeks back, iPhone 5’s prices were also reduced, for the third time in past 3 months. iPhone 5 is now available at Rs. 25,000.

This model is now available at almost half the price at which it was launched. Some industry experts are saying that it may be a strategy to capture a more-than-fair-share of the fastest growing market.

This may also be a step towards rumor about Apple becoming reality. We had earlier reported that Apple may be launching a smaller iPhone early next year. As a smaller iPhone may hit the prices of iPhone 6S, so it might be a tactic to keep the prices lower to keep this model attractive.



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